The Power of Marine Spa and Beauty

Thalgo treatments are renowned for their incredible results. World leader and originator of the marine spa and beauty trend for over 50 years, Thalgo harnesses the riches of the sea so you can benefit from powerful healing, revitalising and rebalancing properties vital for health and well-being. Thalgo’s exceptional body treatments refine, relax and tone, while the facials offer spectacular results in anti-ageing, hydrating, purifying and much more.

Treatments and Spa facilities are available daily from 9am till 5pm in the winter and 9am till 8pm in the Summer. 

Booking essential.

Please arrive in the spa reception 10 minutes prior to your appointment. 
Bespoke treatment combination packages can be arranged and gift vouchers are available on request.

To reserve any of the following treatments please call 01803 327110

Spa Treatments




Tailored Body Massage (50 mins) - £90 

This full body massage will be tailored to suit your individual needs, whether you prefer a light pressure to aid relaxation or a deep pressure to ease muscle tension our highly trained therapists will personalise to meet your requirements.


 Manicure - £45.00
Gel Manicure - £50.00

 Pedicure: 50mins - £50.00
Gel Pedicure - £55.00



Facial Treatments

Thalgo has a facial to treat virtually any concern. All Thalgo facials begin with the “Discovery of the Sea” massage to ease tensions and immerse you in a relaxing aquatic cocoon. For best results, Thalgo recommends a course of 6 facials, in conjunction with the accompanying homecare range to continue effectiveness.


Tailored Thalgo Facials  (50 mins) - £90

This personalised Thalgo facial begins with the “Discovery of the Sea” sensory experience, after which the skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated. A serum packed with active marine ingredients isapplied with Thalgo’s Heart of the Ocean massage.This is followed by a skin-specific mask. The treatment finishes with an application of moisturiser


 Cary Arms Signature Facial (1hr 20mins) - £110

Experience true marine beauty with this signature algae facial.  The treatment begins with a relaxing back massage, next the skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated.  A mask of pure natural seaweed, known for its beauty-enhancing properties, is then applied to remineralise and revitalise the skin and leave you feeling relaxed and naturally radiant.


Advanced Anti-Aging Thalgo Facials 
SILICIUM (80 mins) - £110

Give your skin a real treat with one of Thalgo advanced anti- aging facial rituals. Your therapist will advise the best ritual for you after a through skincare consultation is carried out. Your facial will then begin with the "Discovery of the Sea" sensory experience followed by a tailored cleansing ritual and intense exfoliation and an expert anti-ageing massage. Whilst the skin boosting mask is working you will be treated to a relaxing shoulder, neck and arm massage to ensure complete relaxation.  After the treatment your skin will be radiant, smooth and completely renewed.


Body Treatments


Tailored Body Rituals (50mins) - £90

Treat your body to either a detoxifying marine ritual or a remineralising marine mud ritual. body rituals begin with a welcoming foot cleanse.
Whilst the wrap is working you will be treated to deeply relaxing and destressing scalp massage.



Nourishing Body Ritual (50 mins) - £105

For the ultimate nourishing body treatment, perfect to restore comfort to dry and very dry skin, this ritual begins with a deeply hydrating body wrap to soothe the skin and relieve any feelings of dryness, restoring a feeling of comfort.  Whilst this is taking effect, a tension relieving scalp massage promotes relaxation.  The body is then treated to a soothing and comforting massage which relaxes the whole body including a hand and foot massage for complete wellbeing.


Polynesia Signature Ritual (1h20 mins) - £115

Experience Polynesia, the exotic sensorial spa ritual, inspired by four of the most beautiful islands hidden in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. This luxurious treatment begins with an azure water foot bath inspired by the crystal blue waters of the Manihi Lagoon to protect and hydrate the skin. Next is the Exotic Island Body Scrub, a gentle vanilla-scented body scrub blended with pure white sand from Bora Bora, sea salt, coconut shell and algo-monoi for a thorough exfoliation of the entire body to leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. The Mahana Massage incorporates a rhythmic Lomi-Lomi massage and warm sand pouches to loosen muscles and nourish the skin. Finally, Polynesian Sacred Oil from Raïatea, the sacred island, is swept over the skin, its subtle golden pearls leaving a sunkissed glow and a delicate scent of flowers and monoi.



Specialist Treatment

Thalgo Pregnancy Ritual face and body (50 mins) - £90

Treat yourself to this relaxing face and body especially designed for mums to be. After a “Discovery of the Sea” sensory experience, a nourishing and hydrating body balm is applied specific areas which are prone to stretch marks to soften. While this is left to work you will treated to a hydrating facial and a draining and lower leg and foot massage. Finally the body balm is gently massaged in leaving your feeling silky smooth and completely moisturised.