Late Availability

Escape for a last minute getaway to the seaside

Unwind and relax overlooking the bay. 

If whilst checking availability you do not see the dates you need, please call us 01803 327110 as it we may be able to squeeze you in.

Rent a last minute Cottage or Suite
Beach Cottage - 4 bedrooms: 23rd-30th June. 3rd-7th July, 9th-14th July
Rose Cottage - 5 bedrooms: 25th June-1st July, 
Smugglers Cottage - 3 bedrooms: 27th June-2nd July

Shell Suite: 5th-8th July
Pebble Suite: 24th-29th June

Beach Huts and Beach Suites

Sunday 25th June: 4 beach huts  available
Monday 26th June: 3 beach huts and 1 beach suite available
Tuesday 27th June: 3 beach huts and 2 beach suites available
Wednesday 28th June: 1 beach hut and 2 beach suites available
Thursday 29th June:1 beach suite available
Friday 30th June: 3 beach huts and 1 beach suite available


Rooms at the Inn
Monday 26th June: 1 room available
Tuesday 27th June: 1 room available
Wednesday 28th June: 1 room available

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Call us on 01803 327110

Dont always wait for a late date. Book now as you maybe disappointed!