Welcoming you back safely

** Our Rental Cottages are opening from 12th April
and the rest of the accommodation from 17th May 2021** 


    • To allow us to ensure social distancing we must enforce a strict maximum number of guests on site at any one time. Due to this, entrance to the Cary Arms will be by reservation only whilst restrictions remain in place. Unless you have an accommodation or table booking, we will unfortunately not be able to permit entrance to the site.
    • Cash transactions involve a higher risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria. For this reason, our operation will be trialling a 100% cashless operation. Guests will be encouraged to place all charges on to their room account to be charged to their card on file upon check out. Non-resident guests will be asked to run a tab which is settled via card transaction at the end of their visit. 
    • Public restrooms have been fitted with fully automatic flush systems, taps and hand dryers with entrance doors left open. 
    • A 50ml sanitizing mist spray will be given complimentary on check in with a fresh bottle waiting outside your door each morning. This can be used safely on both hands and surfaces, clinically proven to kill corona viruses, it is also environmentally friendly. 
    • All staff will be issued with face coverings which they will be asked to wear whenever they have a need to come within 2 metres of a guests or if they need to enter your accommodation. 
    • We will encourage all guests to park their own cars where possible, assistance with luggage will still be offered. For guests unable to park their own cars, due to the steep access to the car park, valet parking will still be offered. Please let us know in advance if you will require assistance with parking. 
    • Additional entrances / exits to the site have been opened up to guests, allowing access without using the main entrance and therefore reducing the risk of contact with other guests.
    • Where availability allows, we will be proactively offering room moves and upgrades to the numerous units we have which have their own entrances and are isolated from other accommodation units, common areas and shared corridors. Our standalone accommodation units include the Beach Huts, Beach Suites, Shell, Pebble and all self-catering cottages. Rear Admiral, Commander and Commodore also have their own entrances direct into the grounds. 
    • Your room door will be left open for your check in with a set of sanitised keys waiting for you inside. 
    • We have removed 50% of the tables from our restaurant and bar area. To allow us to seat all of you we will be making some changes to our restaurant reservation policy and service times.
      • A reduced number of maximum guests will be allowed in our bar, restaurant, and gardens at any one time, reservations must be made in advance to prevent disappointment.
    • Additional physical barriers have been added to our Conservatory dining room, creating a booth like layout, further reducing the risk of transmission for our guests. 
    • We were already a spacious and spread out destination, with separate areas of the restaurant, cubby holes and little alcoves where you can sit. Private balconies, spacious residents lounge, terraced gardens, Captains Table and private dining Pod give the option of even more privacy and seclusion during your stay. Other than the person you have chosen to travel with, there is no need for you to be within 2 metres of other guests or staff for a prolonged period. 
    • A member of staff will be available to direct you to your room, where your keys (freshly sanitised) will be waiting for you, whilst keeping a distance that you are comfortable with. 
    • We have held a 5-star hygiene rating since opening in 2009 and always adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We are of course putting even more effort into this area due to the current situation. 
    • Over 99% of our guests arrive by car and without the use of public transport, during this period we are advising all guests to avoid using public transport to reach us. This minimises the chance of infection en-route and subsequent transmission before the display of symptoms. 
    • All staff will be requested to complete a short questionnaire before commencing each shift relevant to the symptoms of Coronavirus, if any symptoms are present, however minor, they will be asked to isolate themselves from site until advice states it is safe to do otherwise. 
    • Additional procedures will stay in place around staff rotas and scheduling to ensure staff are also not spending prolonged periods of time in close contact with each other, again reducing the risk of group transmission within the hotel. All staff have been advised on communicating any potential contact with infected persons to us immediately. 
    • Many common-sense changes have also been made within the hotel such as doors being left open, adjustments to table settings and increased training and awareness on hand washing and personal hygiene. For example, our breakfast buffet will be to order with the items you would like prepared individually for you and hotel residents will not be asked to sign bills for each purchase.   
    • There are no air circulation systems within the hotel which would aid the dispersal of airborne viral particles. 
    • COVID-19 is an ‘enveloped’ virus and as such is within a group of viruses deemed easier to kill, whilst outside of a living body, using an effective sanitising agent. 
    • We use a sanitiser accredited to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13697 standard, the product is more than capable of killing enveloped viruses within a limited contact time of less than 30 seconds. This sanitiser we use is o3 in liquid form, aqueous ozone. Produced on site we have unlimited access to this product and can therefore use it liberally and as is needed, with no worries of depleting stock or increased cost. This product is currently being used for all cleaning throughout the hotel, tables, bar tops, floors, and each and every other surface you can think of. In addition, we have staff using this product regularly throughout the day on all high use touch points within the hotel, door handles, light switches etc. Each room is cleaned, and therefore sanitised with this product. 
    • Liquid o3 evaporates into standard oxygen as it dries and leaves behind no chemical residue and is not harmful to the environment or the user. 
    • All linen within the hotel is washed commercially at high temperature with a sanitising product. 
    • Agreements have been made with both a local greengrocer and butcher so any guests staying in our self-catering units can have daily deliveries to their front door with no concerns of managing to get a booking slot from the big supermarket chains for delivery. Deliveries will be available each morning, 7 days per week, to all Cary Arms cottages if required.

    If you have any questions or concerns our General Manger, Rob, is happy to talk them through with you. Please drop an email to rob@caryarms.co.uk with your name and number and he'll give you a call!